I feel selfish for wanting things

I feel selfish for disagreeing with you

I feel like we’re always doing what you want

but when it comes to me

nothing at all

I’m not happy

I feel like you don’t care anymore

like I’m nothing

I feel numb and dumb, and unable to lay hands on any words.
— Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals
Alcohol was always better than you
— Six word story #31 (straplesstapthis)

when I said I was sad I wanted you to ask more

I wanted you to care

not send me stupid smiley faces

now I feel worse

now i can’t breathe

now I can’t stop crying

and I don’t understand why

I don’t know what this is

or why this is

I just feel this rotting inside

and I thought you might help

but you didn’t

I’m so homesick

that it literally makes me sick

I miss my parents

I miss my home

but I don’t want to go back

because they still hate Alex

and I don’t want to go alone

I just wish they would forgive him

I did

I think


occupation: the family disappointment


do you ever feel so disappointed and you just want to run anywhere 

we don’t talk anymore

we say things

but we’re not really talking

and I don’t think I care anymore

I don’t care about anything

cheat on me again

I just don’t care